An important question that people usually ask concerning wool throws is, how should I clean them? The thing is this type of blankets & throws require very little special attention. Here we gathered some tips on how to clean and care for your wool throw or blanket. It’s important to know that unless you have had major accidents with dirt and spill, a wool throw should only be cleaned once or twice a year.


1. If the need to remove dirt or other debris from your wool throw or any other wool item arises, in most cases you can solve this with a simple brush – just brush the item lengthwise and your blanket will look great.

2. The main advice is to clean your wool throws & blankets immediately if at all possible. Cleaning gets more difficult when stains settle into the fabric.

3. Whatever stain or spill you clean, try to avoid rubbing them. It will only make things worse. First action is to take a cloth or towel and blot out as much of the stained area as you can.


4. If wiping, blotting out and brushing do not make the stain to come out, take your wool throw to the dry cleaners.

5. A stain removing solution is allowed to use only as long as it is approved for use on wool. It is a good idea to test any stain remover on a small area first.


If there is a need to dry your wool throw or other wool item hang it outside away from the sunlight or lay it flat. Never put a wool itemin the clothes dryer. We hope these tips will help your wool throws & blankets always look as good as new.