If you knit, you certainly have wool yarn in your knitting basket. And probably they are in different colors. But if fancied for some other special color of your wool yarn, be aware that you can dye it at home by your own hands with acid dyes. When the dying process is followed correctly, acid dyes create a strong bond with the protein fibers of wool that cannot be washed out.

Balls of clorfull yarn

So, get ready and follow these steps:

  • Fill the big bowl or basin with warm water, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and agitate the water with your hand. We need the acid to open the wool fibers so it will accept the dye.
  • Take your wool yarn (which has to be wound in a loose ring and tied) and submerge it in the water. Hold it there until there are no more bubbles. Leave to soak the wool in the water for about half an hour – until it is totally saturated.
  • Put on the rubber gloves and dissolve two tablespoons of your selected dye in about one cup of warm water.
  • Now take a pot and fill it with enough water to cover the yarn completely. Add the dye from the cup and stir to distribute it evenly in the water. Put the pot on the stove and heat it until it slightly boils.
  • Remove the wool yarn from the basin, press slightly to remove water excess and transfer yarn to the pot with the dye.
wool yarn blue
  • Wait until it begin to boil a little again, then reduce the heat and cook for about half an hour or until the water is clear. The important part is that the water should not boil. It should remain very hot as the heat sets the dye to make it colorfast.
  • Remove the pot and let it cool a little. Meanwhile fill the basin with warm water again and add a little dishwashing detergent, agitate the water.
  • Place your wool yarn in the basin and let it soak for a few minutes.

wool yarn - WoolMe

Remove the yarn from the water and carefully press out the excess water. Roll it in the towel and press again to remove more water. Then hang the wool yarn up to dry.