Wool throws can be found almost in every home. Their role as comforters, warmers and interior accessories is important in our lives. And in order our wool throws served us long and were as beautiful as on the first day we owned them, we have to know some basics of a proper care.


Wool Care – How to clean a wool throw?

Usually the information of how to clean your wool throws can be found on a label of each throw. Pure wool throws should be either washed by hand or taken to professional dry cleaners. Never machine wash your wool throw! This will not only damage a throw but will also cause shrinking and loss of shape and maybe even color.

Should you have a small sized throw that can be managed by hand; you can wash it yourself in a bathtub or large bucket. Fill your tub or bucket with a lukewarm water, add some mild soap and then place your throw into it. Then leave it to soak for about an hour. After that use one part of your soaked wool throw to scrub the other part of it. Do this gently. After washing all the troubled parts, drain the tub or empty the bucket, then refill it, put a throw inside and leave for another 15 minutes. You might want to repeat this several time so no soap is left. Then gently squeeze the excess water of you wool throw and lay it on a flat surface to dry. Avoid bright sunlight!

wool care

How to keep my wool throws soft after washing?

The softness of a wool throw typically depend on the type and quality of the wool used to make a wool throw. The higher the quality, the longer softness will remain. One other advice is to dry your wool throw in a shady place, so that a throw will dry not so quickly.

Of course there are some special wool fabric softeners to use for this purpose. But one should be very careful using them – use only very small amount of the softener and rinse your throw thoroughly afterwards. As leaving some of the softener could cause stains, bad odor or even allergies.

It’s wise to keep in mind that the better your wool throws are treated, the longer they will last and the softer and more comfortable they will remain.


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