Let‘s continue our series of articles of how to care for wool throws and blankets.

How to prevent lint on wool throws and blankets

It’s in the nature of wool throws (and all wool items for that matter) to attract lint. The lint on dark colored wool throws & blankets (black, brown, grey) will show up much more. The tendency of wool products to attract lint is natural and there isn’t a lot one can do to avoid that natural habit, but fortunately there are some actions you can take to lessen its effect on your wool throw.


The first advice is to make the proper decision when purchasing your wool throw (when this is possible). As dark colored wool blanket will generally show up more lint so (and if this is what bother you in the first place) opt for lighter when you are picking out your wool throw or blanket.

If you, however, do have dark wool throws that attracts lint, you cannot completely avoid lint, but you can prevent the amount of how much of it shows. Wear darker colors when you use your throw! This of course will not stop the lint to be attracted to the wool throw, but will prevent how noticeable it is.


Another advice is to wear clothes that are less likely to shed lint. Some fabrics are much more likely to be lint sources than other and avoiding the clothes made of these fabrics when you are using your wool throw will help a lot prevent lint. Combine this with wearing clothes of lighter colors and the amount of lint visible on our wool throw will be noticeably reduced.

To get rid of the lint visible of a throw or blanket you can use a special lint brush. If the lint is not available for you when you need it, you can always use tape – scotch tape – to remove lint.


There are some types of wool that are more resistant to lint attraction than the others, so when purchasing your wool blankets you might look at the information about the specific type of wool.