Lambswool is wool which comes from the first shearing of a sheep (lamb) at the age around 7 months. The fleece is 50mm or shorter. It is exceptionally soft, slippery, resilient, elastic, and has supreme spinning properties. This is the highest quality of sheep’s wool on the market.


Its soft silkiness and warmth allow lambswool fiber to be used in the production of apparel worn close to the skin. Lambs wool also has other valuable qualities – it is the most hypoallergenic of all wool sorts and resists dust mites very well, and therefore makes an ideal choice for bedding and linens. Most of woolen children wear is made of lambs wool.

As other wool types, lambswool has all the features wool is famous for. It is:

  • water resistant. Wool fiber has water-repellent outer layer that surrounds each hollow fiber, overlapping like shingles on a roof. While fiber’s core absorbs up to one third of its weight in moisture vapor without becoming damp, the the hard outer layer protects against outside liquid moisture. This results in water being repelled, but humidity absorbed, and that helps with thermal regulation.
  • moisture wicking. Wool keeps outside moisture away from the skin and also wicks away perspiration, thus keeping the body warm and dry.
  • perfect insulator. Insulating air spaces forms in wool that is worn next to skin and they help to retain body heat. These warm air pockets next to the skin are kept dry while the hollow wool fibers absorb moisture vapor and the firm outer layer moves liquid moisture away from the skin.
  • regulates body temperature and is breathable – this is possible because of all the qualities mentioned above.
  • blends well. Wool fibers can be blended with other natural or synthetic fibers to create a wide array of different fabrics.

Check what I have found gorgeous made of lambs wool fabric:

  • a gorgeous lambs wool baby hat (from Etsy),
  • multistripe multipurpose vibrant lambs wool throw (from,
  • elegant and soft lambs wool cushion cover (from

lambs-wool-baby-hat Lambs-wool-throw Lambswool-cushion

Is there anything beautiful made of lambs wool you want to share? Fell free to write a comment!

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