Wool throws, blankets and garments often come with a detailed care instructions on the label. Usually they can only be dry cleaned and some other restrictions may apply. It might seem they are a real pain to maintain. But this is not so. Most of wool throws and garments can be washed at home by hand (although this is not indicated on the label) and they are also a breeze to steam smooth. If your wool throws, sweaters or jackets or any other wool item got wrinkled, just smooth them out this easy way.


The use of the right hanger is important here! Hang your wrinkled garment on smooth wide wooden hanger or wide, rounded plastic one. Stay away of wire hangers and smaller plastic hangers as they may cause your garments to stretch out at the shoulders.

Then hang your garments in the bathroom. Make sure they’re hanging freely and that they’re not pressed up against anything else. Wool throw can be hanged on a bar or some feely standing towel dryer.


Turn on the shower and run very hot water. Take a shower yourself – this is your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Just try keeping the water as warm as you can bear. Close the shower curtain to avoid splashing and leave the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

Come back after about three minutes and close the door behind you quickly. The bathroom should be full of hot steam. If it isn’t so, leave the bathroom for several minutes more. Check if the bathroom is very steamy yet, turn off the water and leave the bathroom again.


Your wool throw or garments should be left in the steam for about 10 minutes in total. After retrieving them the wrinkles should be mostly or completely steamed out. Those wrinkles that are still visible will likely smooth out the rest of the way after an hour or so.