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Just like many great and wonderful stories, ours began in a restaurant. It was a chilly October evening in 2009, we were enjoying our late snacks and drinks at The Narrow in Limehouse after a marathon of a trade fair.

Inga had a wool throw on her lap and at some point she started examining it - a kind of a professional habit of a home textile designer. She could easily identify the composition, the quality and, most surprisingly to the rest of us, the exact weaving mill where it was manufactured at.

Apparently all wool throws that carry the “Made in EU” label are made in a handful of weaving mills across Europe. That includes the expensive ones you see in the high street shops all over the country.

As our interest increased, we began contemplating the idea of starting our own wool throw business. We all agreed that in order to provide a great value to our future customers, we should adhere to the following lines of work:

  • participate directly in designing and manufacturing, 
  • handpick the assortment, 
  • be very smart with marketing, 
  • also it had to be an online business, as we simply could not afford "brick and mortar" in the middle of the Credit Crunch.

So here we are. After a careful selection and long negotiations we are now working in close partnership with a weaving mill which has been in business since 1927 - that close relationship allows us to fully control the designing and manufacturing of our products. We also handpick textiles from a number of other weaving mills - for a simple reason, that every one of those mill is specializing in some particular type of cloth.

And we are very honest when it comes to pricing - we do not put our prices up at the beginning of season and then reduce them later on claiming to have a "seasonal sale”.

We sell most of our goods online and we rely heavily on a word of mouth marketing which allows us to be very cost effective and as a result - keep our prices reasonable.

You will find that the value that ''WoolMe" offers is simply amazing; owing to the fact that all of our products are carefully handpicked and honestly priced.

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LinenMe Inc

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